Fishing with a guide on Lake Conroe offers a unique opportunity to fish one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas.

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is located approximately one hour north of downtown Houston (via IH-45). Extending 21 miles in length and covering 21,000 surface acres, Lake Conroe is the reserve drinking water supply for the City of Houston and offers clean, clear water for a large variety of recreation (boating, fishing, hunting, golfing, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, pleasure boating, etc.). Luxurious hotels and condominiums, quality RV Parks, waterfront boat storage with valet launching, luxurious waterfront real estate developments are only a few of the attractions to this exceptional man made Lake only 60 minutes north from Houston via IH-45.

Lake Conroe Bass

Water temps have been running in main lake 70deg. Water is clear. On north end of lake water temp has been 73deg. Water is muddy here except in far back. Bass are still moving up in shallows. Been catching black bass up to 8lbs. Took some guided trips…one boated 21lbs stringer. On another day 18lbs stringer. Bass fishing has been wonderful. Bass have been moving into back of creeks to spawn, such as Lake Paula, Caney Creek, Peach Creek, First Jungle, Weirs Creek, Gum Branch Creek, Little Lake Creek, Lewis Creek and Tucker Lake. Fish are being caught on wacky, watermelon red and Christmas tree. Also on Texas rig tubes in watermelon red and watermelon candy. Brushhog and Texas rig lizards and black and blue jigs and Carolina rigs on humps and main lake points in 5-16 foot of water. On watermelon red flukes and plum old monster worms and lizards in watermelon red and black neon and junebug rd. Also on 1/2oz nickel spinner bait and white and chartreus with gold and silver willow leaf spinners. Bass fishing has really turned on. If you would like to have great time catching fish call. The bass are really moving in and the bite is on.

Lake Conroe Crappie

Took crappie fishing trip. The crappie have been in 2-25foot of water. Catching some deep and some shallow and the backs of creeks. One trip took 40 in, anywhere from 10 1/4 to 15 slabs. Under bridges, Lake Paula, Tucker Lake and all over in sallow and creeks. If you want lots of good ol’ crappie to eat call Phillip’s Guide Service.

Lake Conroe Catfish

They are being caught in shallow water 1-6foot on minnows and stink baits. Catfish are still spawning in show lows one to five feet. If you want to catch some catfish give me a call.

Angling Opportunities

Largemouth bass are the most sought after species in Lake Conroe, though they are not the most abundant. While bass fishing catch rates are marginal, the opportunity to catch a trophy bass is very good at Lake Conroe. In 1998, the biggest largemouth bass ever collected by TPWD in an electrofishing survey was taken from beneath a boat dock and weighed in at 14.1 pounds. The standing lake record caught in 1997 by Willis angler Bill Boyett  weighed 14.91 pounds

. The more abundant channel catfish and bluegill are also highly sought angler by anglers. Channel catfish are by far the most abundant sportfish in the lake, offering most any angler a good opportunity for good catches. Bluegill on Lake Conroe grow to enormous sizes. We have interviewed anglers with 12-inch bluegills in their creels. and black crappie are also very popular and offer good opportunity for anglers seeking table fare. White crappie have made a comeback in the lake with the efforts of the Lake Conroe Restocking Association’s spring stockings of advance juvenile crappie. Crappie over two pounds are fairly common occurrences now. The introduction of hybrid striped bass in 1995 has added another dimension to the sport fishery at Lake Conroe, offering open-water opportunities for anglers who enjoy trolling or vertical jigging spoons for these hey fighters.

d ol’ crappie to eat call Phillip’s Guide Service.


Fishing Tips & Tactics

Largemouth bass anglers can expect to take bass in shallow water, particularly around marinas and boat docks, during the early spring and mid-to-late fall. During most of the remaining seasons, bass are taken around deeper cover. Anglers are most successful with a variety of shad imitation lures as well as so plastic baits. Hybrid striped bass are growing in popularity among Lake Conroe bass fishing anglers and can be taken most any time of year. Most fish are taken by anglers trolling in open water areas or vertically jigging spoons or live shad. They can occasionally be found running up the river channel during the early spring spawning run or foraging beneath schools of white bass in summer.

Channel catfish are caught year-round in good numbers on Lake Conroe. Most successful anglers use smelly baits or cut shad. Rod-and-reel anglers do just about as well as trotline anglers on the reservoir. Bluegills of gigantic proportions can be had by the angler who wants to be patient and target them. They can be caught along rip rap fishing deep near the toe of the slope (sometimes 8 feet or more). Baits must be gotten near the bottom quickly to avoid the small bait-stealers that inhabit the shallower water. Live worms or crickets are the best producers. Some good fly rod action can also be had using sinking, insect imitation flies and sinking fly line.